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West of Loughborough Sustainable Urban Extension

West of Loughborough Sustainable Urban Extension

West of Loughborough

The planning application for the West of Loughborough SUE has been submitted to the Borough Council.  To view the application please click here.  More information on the West of Loughborough SUE will be uploaded to the website as it becomes available.

Our West of Loughborough Growth Area provides the focus for new homes, jobs and places for leisure for the north of Charnwood. The Loughborough Science & Enterprise Park will be extended to complement the sustainable urban extension to the west of Loughborough at this important entrance into the town. The new community will be well connected to the town’s employment, shops, leisure and services. The West Loughborough Growth Area will also see Garendon Historic Park and Gardens restored and opened up for public access for the first time, providing a new recreational resource for the people of Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern and other communities.

The map below shows the land allocated for the west of Loughborough sustainable urban extension. It also shows a concept masterplan for the site for illustrative purposes. We will work with our partners to refine the masterplan as more detailed evidence is prepared.

A Vision of the West Loughborough Growth Area

The West of Loughborough Growth Area including a sustainable urban extension and Science & Enterprise Park will provide the opportunity to put local connectivity at the centre of the vision for growth in the north of the Borough. Connectivity to employment, services and open space for the benefit of new and existing residents, reducing the need to travel by car.
It will create a connected urban system of Loughborough and Shepshed with a historic park at the centre. Whilst the separate identities of the towns will remain, there will be an improved level of connectivity to and between Loughborough and Shepshed.

There will be a network of walking and cycling routes and bus services providing excellent connectivity to facilities, services and open spaces.

The sustainable urban extension will be a new community with its own character. It will be of mixed density and provide a variety of homes to meet the needs of all sections of the community including older people. The Local Centre will be a vibrant place day and night, providing a heart to the community.

Growth west of Loughborough will provide residents with a variety of employment opportunities. There will be excellent links between employment areas north east of Loughborough, within the sustainable urban extension and at the University and Science & Enterprise Park. The Science & Enterprise Park will support the needs and aspirations of the University for growth, whilst reinforcing the knowledge based focus of Loughborough.

There will be a resilient biodiversity network that links Charnwood Forest to the River Soar Valley. Existing ecological sites and wildlife corridors such as the Black Brook and Burleigh Brook will be enhanced and ecological sites will be reconnected.

Garendon Historic Park and Garden will be opened up for public access and the monuments and parkland will be restored and managed for the benefit of our community.

The design of the development west of Loughborough, will be strongly informed by the unique local character and the historic setting provided by Charnwood Forest and the Garendon Historic Park and Garden. Urban design of the development in this growth area will weave the local style into the development as well as introduce new innovative and creative solutions.

The West of Loughborough Sustainable Urban Extension will deliver:

  • 3,000 homes
  • 16 hectares of employment
  • 2 Primary Schools
  • Local Centre
  • New Public Park
  • New main road link from A512 to A6
  • Hathern Road link
  • 30% affordable housing
  • Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Show people pitches

More information on the Sustainable Urban Extension will be uploaded to the website as it becomes available.

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