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Watermead Regeneration Corridor

Watermead Regeneration Corridor


The Watermead Corridor is located on the edge of the Leicester Principal Urban Area and follows the Soar Valley. It begins just over 2 miles from Leicester City Centre and runs along the River Soar to Wanlip.

We want to use the Corridor as a focus for defining a direction for growth to support the regeneration of Thurmaston, to restore the remaining mineral workings and to maximise the potential of the Country Park. Any development within the Corridor must be balanced carefully with our desire to protect and enhance the area’s valuable landscape, tranquility and ecology. We also want to make sure that the Corridor continues to act as a Green Wedge, and contributes to community identity on the fringe of the City.

The Watermead Regeneration Corridor will help to deliver:

  • Regeneration of Thurmaston Centre & Waterfront
  • Regeneration of Grand Union Canal
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Redevelopment of Industrial Areas
  • New employment and hotel development along the A607

More information on the Watermead Regeneration Corridor will be uploaded to the website as it becomes available.

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