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North of Birstall Direction of Growth

North Birstall Direction of Growth


We have identified a direction of growth adjacent to the Leicester Principal Urban Area to the north of the A46 at Birstall.

This location provides an opportunity to create a new garden suburb to reflect the pioneering work started during the early part of the twentieth century along the Great Central Railway. This development, of at least 1,500 homes, new jobs and community facilities provides an opportunity to respond to this unique and high quality context. The area benefits from excellent connections with the City and is adjacent to the Great Central Railway.

Vision for North of Birstall Sustainable Urban Extension

In 2028 the North Birstall Sustainable Urban Extension will be known for its reputation as a Garden Suburb. It will combine the benefits of excellent access to the City for work and leisure with the benefits of the countryside such as green open space, fresh air, tranquility and beautiful character.

It will have been comprehensively planned to offer an excellent quality of life for its community. The range of homes, jobs, community facilities and shops will meet the day to day needs of the people who live there. Community uses will provide a focus of civic pride.

The Direction of Growth to the North of Birstall will deliver:

  • 1,500 homes
  • 15 hectares of employment
  • 1 Primary School
  • Local Centre
  • New road links
  • Upgrade of A6/A46 junction
  • Garden Suburb
  • 30% affordable housing
  • Travelling Showpeople pitches

More information on the Direction of Growth will be uploaded to the website as it becomes available.

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