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North East of Leicester Sustainable Urban Extension

NE Leicester

North East Leicester

The planning application for the North East of Leicester SUE was submitted to the Borough Council in December 2013.  To view the application please click here.   More information on the North East of Leicester Sustainable Urban Extension will be uploaded to the website as it becomes available.

The North East of Leicester Sustainable Urban Extension is allocated on land adjacent to the Leicester Principal Urban Area, to the east of Thurmaston (in Charnwood) and north of Hamilton (in Leicester City).

The site provides an opportunity to create a community of approximately 4,500 homes with new jobs which will support the delivery of significant community facilities including schools. At least 3,750 homes will be delivered in the plan period. The new community will be well integrated and connected with the existing infrastructure of the City and surrounding area. It will also provide an opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of life of the existing community, particularly those to the east of the railway line who are currently cut off from existing shops, schools and other facilities.

The map below shows the land allocated for the North East of Leicester Sustainable Urban Extension. It also shows a concept masterplan for the site for illustrative purposes. We will work with our partners to refine the masterplan as more detailed evidence is prepared.

A Vision for the North East of Leicester Sustainable Urban Extension

The North East of Leicester Sustainable Urban Extension will be a locally distinctive, sustainable and thriving new community that is well integrated and has excellent connections with Thurmaston and Leicester. It will assist in realising regeneration opportunities for Thurmaston and north east Leicester and create a new focus for the community east of the railway line but maintain a physical separation from Syston, Barkby and Barkby Thorpe.

It will provide a balanced mix of high quality housing as well as diverse employment opportunities and an excellent network of green infrastructure which connects into existing areas of environmental value and includes an extension of the Leicester Hamilton Green Wedge. It will have vibrant centres that provide a heart to the community and accessible community, shopping and business facilities.

Growth will be planned in a sustainable manner and have regard to the protection and enhancement of valuable built and natural resources. Design will be locally distinctive and create attractive, usable and adaptable development that meets high environmental standards, is resilient to climate change and optimises opportunities for sustainable transport choice.

Development will deliver a place that is well connected with safe and attractive neighbourhoods that provide opportunities and benefits to existing communities and stimulate investment by new residents, visitors and businesses.

The North East of Leicester Sustainable Urban Extension will deliver:

  • 4,500 homes
  • 13 hectares of employment
  • 3 Primary Schools
  • 1 Secondary School
  • Local Centre
  • Extended Green Wedge
  • New main road
  • 30% affordable housing
  • Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople pitches



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