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Welcome to Charnwood Borough Council's Local Plan Website

Charnwood Local Plan Core Strategy

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The examination for the Barrow upon Soar Parish Neighbourhood Plan has taken place and we are now considering the examiner’s recommendations. We propose to make one decision which is different from that of the examiner, and as such are now seeking representations on the proposed change relating to Policy BuS15: Road Network.

This consultation closed at 5pm on Thursday 16th November 2017.  For further details please see the webpage.


Rearsby Parish Council has submitted the Rearsby Neighbourhood Plan. Consultation took place for 6 weeks between Monday 7th August 2017 to 5pm on Monday 18th September 2017.  An Independent Inspector has now been appointed.  For further details please see the webpage.

The Draft Thrussington Neighbourhood Plan was subject to consultation from 28th July to 22nd September 2017, further details can be found on the webpage.

Welcome to the Charnwood Borough Council Local Plan website. Our Local Plan will set out how the Borough of Charnwood will grow over the next 15 years.

Charnwood needs a Local Plan because people are living longer, there are a growing number of single households and the population in Charnwood is growing.

Not only that, but homes are more expensive than most people can afford and the Council wants to meet the needs of its communities which includes providing affordable homes to buy and rent.

The Local Plan will also identify places where new homes and facilities, including schools, parks, roads and employment land, can be built.

It will mean the Council will be better able to protect our countryside and natural heritage by rejecting inappropriate planning applications for homes or businesses.

It will help us to make better use of derelict and vacant land to improve the quality of neighbourhoods in need of regeneration.

Our Local Plan will help to identify and guide where development will go.  On this website you can find out:

  • what the Local Plan is all about
  • more about our Core Strategy,
  • see where we are planning for growth to happen,
  • have a look at our evidence base and
  • key up-coming dates