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The History

This page sets out the history of the development of the Local Plan and the stage in the process we are at in developing our new Core Strategy.

2004 Adopted Local Plan 

The Local Plan was adopted on 12th January 2004.

A list of the remaining Saved Policies from the 2004 Local Plan can be found below:

Borough of Charnwood Local Plan (2004) Saved Policies

Core Strategy Stages of Preparation

The stages set out below show the process of preparing the Core Strategy. We are now at stage 5.  The Core Strategy having been adopted on the 9th November 2015..

Stage 1: Options Consultatione

To prepare a Pre-Submission Draft Core Strategy the Council has undertaken a number of consultations on reasonable options.  Comments made at this stage will inform the preparation of the Pre-Submission Draft Core Strategy document.  Below is a link to all the consultations undertaken on options:

Issues Papers (2004)
Issues and Options (2005)
Preferred Options (2006)
Alternative Strategies (2007)
Stakeholder Workshops (2008-12)
Core Strategy Further Consultation Document (2008)
Core Strategy Supplementary Consultation (2012)
Cabinet April 2013 

Stage 2: Pre-Submission Draft Core Strategy

A final draft of the Core Strategy was considered and approved by Cabinet on the 11th April 2013 to be published for public consultation.  The consultation was over a six week period during June and July and focused on the soundness of the plan.

The Council received details of over 3,200 comments that had been made on the document during the consultation.  The nature of comments varied widely from those who supported the proposals or said the plan was sound to those who disagreed with the proposals or said the plan was technically unsound.   To view the comments please visit our online consultation portal by clicking here.

On the 28th October 2013 the Council approved the Charnwood Local Plan Core Strategy for submission to the Secretary of State. 

Stage 3: Submission
The Core Strategy and supporting documents were submitted to the Secretary of State on the 20th December 2013.

Stage 4: Examination
Examination of the Core Strategy by an independent Planning Inspector to assess the soundness of the Core Strategy. The Examination closed on the  21st September 2015. To view more information on the Core Strategy Examination please click here

Stage 5: Adoption
The Core Strategy was adopted by the Council on 9th November 2015.  The Adopted Core Strategy can be viewed here.