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Former Allocations and Policies Plan

Charnwood Borough Allocations and Policies Plan

Charnwood Borough Council began work on an ‘Allocations and Policies Plan’. This document, along with the Council’s Core Strategy, was intended to form part of the ‘Local Plan’ for the Borough. However, work has now begun instead on a new Local Plan in accordance with the Charnwood Local Development Scheme 2016. The new Local Plan will include strategic and detailed policies and will be prepared to provide for a longer plan period than the adopted Charnwood Core Strategy which provides the strategy up to 2028.

Previous Work

An initial range of options for planning policies and site allocations are identified in the ‘issues and options’ paper which was consulted on during February and March 2014.  The Issues and Options paper can be viewed by clicking here.

At this stage, these are only options and may not be included in the final version of any plan. The consultation sought views on these initial suggestions and whether there were are any other policies and or site allocation options that should be considered in the plan.

Responses to Frequently asked questions can be accessed here.

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment 'scoping and baseline report' and initial assessment of options has been prepared to accompany the Allocations and Policies Plan. The SA can be accessed by clicking here.

This early stage of consultation is one of many stages of production. This, and future stages, are shown in the diagram below:  

Once finished, the ‘Allocations and Policies Plan’ will, amongst other things, identify:

• Where development should go (in addition to the large scale sustainable urban extensions, directions of growth and Strategic Employment Sites identified in the emerging Core Strategy);
• Which areas should be protected; and,
• Planning policies that should be used when considering planning applications.

Further information on progress on the Allocations and Policies Plan will be added to the website as and when it becomes available.