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New Charnwood Local Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation

Charnwood Borough Council has commenced work to prepare a new Local Plan in accordance with the Charnwood Local Development Scheme 2016.  The new Local Plan will include strategic and detailed policies and be prepared to provide for a longer plan period than the adopted Charnwood Core Strategy which provides the strategy up to 2028.

In accordance with Regulation 18 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) 2012 a consultation was held in the summer of 2016 to understand and engage with interested parties on the future for Charnwood, the scope of the plan and what it should contain. The Regulations require the Council to notify ‘specific consultation bodies’ who it considers have an interest in the plan and other appropriate general consultation bodies, residents and businesses.

We produced a short consultation document which described a series of issues for the plan and the type of key evidence we think is necessary. We invited interested parties to consider the document and give their views on the scope of the Plan.

The document is available to download here.

Representations were made via our consultation portal at:

And by email to  or by letter to:

Plans, Policies and Place-Making Team
Charnwood Borough Council
Southfields Road
LE11 2TN

If you wish to discuss the document and the issues it considers please contact us by the email address above or by telephone at 01509 634929.