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Statement of Community Involvement

Charnwood Borough Council has updated its ‘Statement of Community Involvement’. The main purpose of the SCI is to set out how the Community, Businesses and key organisations with an interest in the development of Charnwood Borough can engage with the planning system. The previous SCI was produced in 2006 and still sets the context for the emerging Core Strategy.

The SCI, amongst other things, sets out the consultation procedures and methods that will be used when preparing new planning policy documents (Local Plans and Supplementary Planning Documents) and when considering Planning Applications.

A 4 week consultation on the draft SCI was held between the 4th November and 2nd December 2013.

Comments made during the consultation were considered, and amendments to the SCI made where appropriate.

All representations were reported to the Council’s Cabinet on the 19th December 2013. The SCI was adopted by the Council on the 13th January 2014. The SCI can be viewed by clicking here.