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Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan


The Examiner, Richard High, has now produced his report for the Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan, a copy of  which can be vewied below:

Examiner's Report


Barrow upon Soar Parish Council submitted the Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan to Charnwood Borough Council in February 2017.

Charnwood Borough Council considered the Plan against the statutory requirements set out in paragraph 6 of Schedule 4B of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) and is satisfied that these have been met.

As a result the Plan was formally consulted upon for 6 weeks between Friday 10th March 2017 to 5pm on Friday 21st April 2017. All representations made on the plan during this period were forwarded to the independent Examiner, prior to the examination of the Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents are available below:

  1.  Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version
  2.  Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan Proposals Map
  3.  Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan SEA Screening Report
  4.  Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan Statement of Basic Conditions
  5.  Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement
  6.  Barrow upon Soar Parish Council Meeting Note 11th November 2016
  7.  Barrow upon Soar Parish Council Submission Letter

Evidence and supporting documents are available to view on the Barrow upon Soar Neighbourhood Plan website

Should you have any queries regarding the Neighbourhood Plan or its submission then please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01509 634929 or email